DLAB,Thermo Mix HC110-Pro LCD digital Cn plug

DLAB,Thermo Mix HC110-Pro LCD digital Cn plug

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Key Features

• Precise temperature control for heating and cooling
• Flexible adapter selection
• Programmable
• Compatible with various tubes
• Quick interchange of blocks with magnet adhesion technology and without any tools
• Block equipped with a lid for heat preservation

Technical Specification
Specifications HC110-Pro
: Heating & cooling
Temperature range : Heating: room temp. - 110°C Cooling: room temp. - below room temp. 25°C
Temperature control accuracy[@20–45°C] : ± 0.5°C
Temperature uniformity[@20–45°C] : Max.± 0.5°C
Max. heating rate : 5.5°C/min
Max. cooling rate ": 2.5°C /min(100°C-room temp.)
0.5°C/min(below room temp.)"
Program : 9
Screen : TFT
Overheating protection : 150°C
Adapter block material : aluminum
Voltage, Frequency : DC12V,100–240V,50/60Hz
Power : 200W
"Dimension [D×W×H]
( without the heating block )" : 200×235×120mm
Weight : 7.3kg