Qlab Mini Low Temperature Circulator

Qlab Mini Low Temperature Circulator

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Features & Advantages :

Small size-requires an installation space of 50 x 23 x 50mm(L*B*H).
Can be installed directly on desktop, under lab bench, or in a fume
hood, saving valuable space.
Environmentally friendly refrigerant producing no-toxic pollution.
Intuitive liquid level window for easy monitoring of liquid level in
storage tank.
Water tank is set to protect the overflow port and drain port, which is
convenient for filling-in and draining-out liquid.
Maintenance-free pressure/suction pump.
Pump pressure and flow can be automatically adjusted according to
load change.
Adopt PID temperature control technology which greatly improves
temperature stability.

Specifications CCP5-Mini
Temperature Range -20℃ to Ambient Temp.
Temperature Display LED Display, Accuracy 0.1℃
Temperature Stability ±0.3℃
Refrigerating Capacity 700W
Pump Pressure 0.3bar
Pump Suction 0.2bar
Pump Flow Max. 22L/Min
Tank Size 4.5L
Cooling Water Tubing Silicone
Communication Interface Optional RS232/485
Low-level Alarm Optional
Heating Function Optional
Dimensions ( WxDxH ) 220x420x495(mm)
Operating Environment 5-32 ℃
Outer Connected Dimension Standard 8mm insulation tube
Power supply 220V/50Hz