TECHNE, DB100/4 Dri-block heater 100°C, 4 blocks (230V)

TECHNE, DB100/4 Dri-block heater 100°C, 4 blocks (230V)

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• Small, light, compact footprint - flat top surface allows units to be stacked in storage.
• Can hold any combination of aluminium insert blocks, depending on the model chosen.
• Digital models enable highly accurate temperature precision.
• Temperature range from ambient + 5°C to 200°C depending on the model chosen.
• Fast heat-up rate: 25°C to 100°C in 7-9 minutes, depending on the model chosen.
• Advanced temperature control. Temperature stability at 37°C ± 0.1°C.
• Outer casing is cool to the touch, even at maximum operating temperature.
• Bright orange 5-digit LED digital display for fast and accurate setting of temperature and timer.
• Temperature range from ambient to 100°C or 200°C, depending on the model chosen.
• Accurate, reproducible, rapid and safe heating of your samples.
• High quality, precision-engineered blocks provide excellent thermal contact.
• Choice of models with 2, 3 or 4 interchangeable blocks.
• Versatile range of interchangeable heating blocks to fit all popular sample tubes and plates.
• Full range of models and options for basic and advanced applications.

Blocks : 4
Display : 5 character LED
Working range : Ambient +5°C to 100°C
Minimum set temperature : 0°C
Resolution : 0.1°C
Accuracy (37°C) : < ±1°C
Accuracy (100°C) : < ±1°C
Stability (37°C) : < ±1°C
Stability (100°C) : < ±0.15°C
Max variation within block (37°C) : < 0.2°C
Max variation within block (100°C) : < 0.25°C
Max variation between blocks (37°C) : < 0.5°C
Max variation between blocks (100°C) : < 1.0°C
Heat up time 25-100°C (min) : 7
Heat up time 25-200°C (min) : na
Audible alarm : Yes
Minimum timer : 1min
Maximum timer : 99hr 59min
Safety cutout device : Thermal fuse
Dimensions (WDH) : 356 x 260 x 105mm
Electrical supply : 230V or 115V 50-60Hz
Power (W) : 600
Shipping weight (Kg) : 7
Warranty (Years) : 3

Techne Dri-Block® heater. Ambient + 5°C to 100°C, 4 blocks (230V)