EUROMEX, iScope materials science (metallurgical)IS.1053-PLMi

EUROMEX, iScope materials science (metallurgical)IS.1053-PLMi

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iScope trinocular microscope plan PLMi 5/10/20/50x M-IOS objectives. Reflected illumination with 0-90° polarizer.

• EWF 10x/20 mm eyepieces
• Trinocular models
• Reversed quintuple revolving nosepiece
• Infinity corrected IOS objectives for material observation
• 150 x 140 mm rackless stage equipped with integrated 78 x 53 mm mechanical stage
• Epi-NeoLED illumination
• Diascopic 3 W NeoLED™ Köhler illumination
• iCare sensor for energy saving
• CSS - Cable Storage System

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