EUROMEX , NexiusZoom EVO stereo microscopes

EUROMEX , NexiusZoom EVO stereo microscopes

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Extended Wide Field HWF 10x eyepieces with 23 mm field of view and adjustable diopter on both eyepieces

• Binocular or trinocular heads are with 45° inclined tubes
• Both eyepieces have ± 5 diopter adjustments
• The interpupillary distance is adjustable between 54 and 75 mm

• Zoom 1:8.4 objective for 6.5x to 55x magnifications
• Field of view from 33 to 4.9 mm
• Working distance of 110 mm
• Additional lenses 0.3x, 0.4x, 0.5x, 0.75x, 1.5x and 2.0x are available
• Standard microscope magnification from 6.5x to 55x
• Configurations from 2x to 220x magnification

*All optics are anti-fungus treated and anti-reflection coated for maximum light throughput

P stand
Ergonomic flat pillar stand, including incident and transmitted 3 W LED illumination, built-in 100-240 V power supply. Both illumination intensities can be adjusted separately. Maximum object height 148 mm. Including 76 mm head holder

The 3 W transmitted and incident LED illuminators with internal power supply 100-240 V operation. Both illuminators can be used simultaneously and the light intensities can be adjusted separately

Supplied with power cord, dust cover, a spare fuse, user manual. All packed in a polystyrene box