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Technical data :
Dimensions : 10cm x 25.5cm x 5.9cm (width x length x depth)
Weight : 715g
Spectral range : 390nm - 950nm 18 wavelength, peaks at 410/435/460/485/510/535/560/ 585/610/645/680/705/730/760/810/860/900/940nm 180° and 90° Setup for direct and indirect measurement
Parameters : more than 140 parameters (flexible setup) User defined parameter function
Electrodes : USB-type-C connector for pH/EC/TDS/ORP/Temp-Probes
Connectivity (technical) : Bluetooth 4.2 WiFi USB (type C) 4G* (via USB-modem)
Connectivity (software) : LabCOM Software (Windows / Mac) LabCOM App (Android / iOS) LabCOM Cloud (web-browser)
Display : 5.5" Color-HD touch display
Camera : In-build barcode / QR-code scanner
Calibration : Auto-calibration function with certificate (software)
One-Time-Zero : Inteligent OTZ (One-Time-Zero) function with recognition of ZERO types
Internal memory : >5,000
Clock/Date : RTC (Real-Time-Clock) with calendar function
Auto-Off Factory default setting = 10 minutes. Individual adjustment possible
Menu guidance : Intuitive, display-controlled 4-button menu guidance; test instructions during measurement process
Power supply : 8,500 mA Li-lo-battery
Languages ; >15
Environment : 5°C - 45°C / 30 - 90% rel. humidity
Water-proof rating ; The device is splash-water-proof (IP54)
Reagents : The calibration curves for the individual parameters / measurement procedures are adjusted to the reagents offered by Water-i.d. Using reagents from other manufacturers may lead to wrong readings / higher tolerances. PrimeLab reagents are entirely "Made in Germany" or "Made in UK"!

The PrimeLab 2.0 features a state of the art 5.5" colour HD touch display.

The large display gives a perfect overview of all basic info, such as battery status, Bluetooth, WiFI and 4G* connectivity and offers highest flexibility for you to arrange icons as you would on your smartphone

Each and every parameter-method comes with step by step instructions in many different languages plus useful animations and links to user videos, ensuring the correct procedure is followed to get the measurement result accurate and correct.

With the large 5.5" display, there is no need to connect to the phone-app anymore (which still is available if you prefer).

All data can be managed easily on-board the PrimeLab 2.0.