TECHNE, Prime Pro 48 plate seals, pack of 50

TECHNE, Prime Pro 48 plate seals, pack of 50

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• 40 cycles in 40 minutes before optimisation.
• 40 cycles in 15 minutes when optimised.
• Genotype in 4 minutes with over 99% accuracy.
• Set up a 4plex reaction in only 4 mouse clicks.

• MIQE compliant - always consistent, always compliant.
• Instant settle time to achieve world leading uniformity of ±0.1°C across the block - any well, any instrument - consistent results in any system.
• 400 analyte specific qPCR reagent kits available.
• Demo equipment available to evaluate in your own lab.

• Consistent results provide trust and confidence. Well-to-well, run-to-run , machine-to-machine.
• Compile data from multiple experiments. Pool plates and results across labs and instruments.
• Record every well, with every filter, in every cycle. Never miss a data point.
• Adaptive LED Control means you never have uncertainty of saturated unknowns, no bleaching though light to neighbouring wells or maximising the wide dynamic range. Trust results are correct.
• All other block-based qPCR machines have lower uniformity. If you perform Next Generation Sequencing, any other instrument than Prime Pro 48 is risking your NGS, with significant cost implications.

• No other qPCR system offers so much performance for such a low price.
• Available as a complete system - Techne instrument, plates, seals and reagents.
• Alternatively, is chemically open platform - use your preferred supplier reagents.
• Lowest price per run - use duplicates and low sample volumes. Don't waste money with triplicates and large sample volumes.
• Everything as standard - no add-ons, HRM as standard, unlimited software licence.
• Highly accurate and uniform qPCR prevents means successful NGS runs and significant moneysaving.

• ±0.1°C uniformity across the whole block instantly after every temperature change means that any well, in any instrument, provides same answer
• HRM - Identify Class IV SNP >99.9% of the time
• Unsurpassed block uniformity with patented block technology enables the researcher to use duplicates on Prime Pro 48, whereas triplicates are required on less uniform competitor machines.

Volume per well : Validated for 5 to 20 ul
Detection sensitivity : 1 copy
Temp uniformity : +- 0.1°C
Temp accuracy : +- 0.15°C @ 60°C and 95°C
Temperature range : 30 to 100 degC
Average ramp rate : 5.5 degC sec
Thermal system : Hollow silver block peltier-based with conductive fluid
Block format : 48-well block
Consumables : 48-well custom plates and optical adhesive seals
Optical system : Dual LED excitation (452 to 486 nm and 542 to 582 nm)
Camera : CCD camera
Filters : 4 emission filters (505 to 545nm 562 to 596nm 604 to 644nm 665 to 705nm)
Calibrated dyes : SYBR FAM HEX ROX Cy5
Additional dyes : All dyes within range compatible with no additional calibration
Passive reference dyes : Use of ROX is supported but optional
Data collection : Data always collected in all four filters for all wells
Plate setup : Plate setup for data analysis can be altered after run completes
Melt curve : Supports continuous data acquisition in a single filter to provide increased data point collection and reduced run times
PCR cycle time (unoptimised) : 40 cycles in less than 40 minutes
PCR cycle time (FAST optimised) : 40 cycles in less than 20 minutes
Dynamic range : Greater than 9 logs
Calibration : Not required
Installation : Plug and play design
Precision : Discriminates 5000 and 10000 template copies with 99 percent confidence
Warranty : 1 year (parts and labour included)
Voltage : 100 to 240 V.AC
Frequency : 50 and 60 Hz
Nominal current draw : 5A
Peak power : 500W (typical power is 180W)
Software : Multiple license software included at no additional cost
Chemistry : All chemistries supported
Applications : Absolute Quantification and Relative Quantification
Applications : Allelic Discrimination and High Resolution Melt
Dimensions closed (WxDxH) : 34.5cm x 31cm x 32cm (13.6 in x 12.2 in x 12.6 inches)
Dimensions open (WxDxH) : 34.5cm x 31cm x 37cm (13.6 in x 12.2 in x 14.5 inches)
Weight : 13.6 Kg (30 lb)
Pack of 50 Real Time PCR Plate seals