STUART, Incubator, orbital shaker, large, cooled

STUART, Incubator, orbital shaker, large, cooled

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•Combined incubator shaker with cooling*
•115 litre capacity available
•Digital display for temperature and speed
•Integrated timer
•Unique retractable platform for easy loading and unloading
•Angle adjustable accessory tube racks, with Magnalock coupling system available
• Communications enabled for external temperature measurement

SI600C Incubator, orbital shaker, large cooled
Temperature range : Ambient -15 to 60°C (min. 5°C)
Temperature display resolution : 0.1°C
Temperature precision : ± 0.5°C
Temperature fluctuation : ± 0.5°C
Temperature variation : ± 0.5°C
Speed range : 30 to 300 rpm
Orbit diameter : 16mm
Platform size : 520 x 390mm
Capacity : 115L
Int. dimensions (w x d x h) : 625 x 455 x 380mm
Maximum vessel height : 320mm
Maximum load : 10kg
Overall dimensions (w x d x h) : 675 x 562(592+) x 640mm
Net weight : 60kg
Heater power : 400W
Electrical supply : 230V, 50Hz, 450W