Efficient and effective services for your convenience

Sales Team

Ecosains has a friendly and professional sales team that is customer satisfaction-oriented in product usage. Furthermore, the product knowledge possessed by the sales team can also assist customers in selecting products that match their needs and budget.

Application Sientist

Ecosains has application scientists who can provide further explanations about the applications of the equipment we supply. Our team is also ready to engage in collaborative discussions to find the best application solutions for your needs. Additionally, we are prepared to assist you in training for the use of the supplied tools and accompany you in their initial usage.

Service Engineer

Ecosains has a team of technicians ready to assist you with warranty checks and perform regular maintenance on the equipment. If any of the supplied products encounter issues, our technicians are also prepared to diagnose and address the problems on-site.


The warehouse team is responsible for receiving, storing, and delivering goods to customers. The warehouse team collaborates with technicians to ensure that the equipment we deliver is in good physical and functional condition. Additionally, the warehouse team ensures secure packaging during the shipping process, ensuring that the supplied equipment reaches you in good condition.